St. Augustine Marble Lions


St. Augustine Loves Lions has authentic replicas of the statues on the Bridge of Lions. If you love St. Augustine, Florida and you crave great home decor, you're in the right place.

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This set of lions is the closest you will come to having a St. Augustine icon in your home. The lion figurines are specially hand-cast and sculpted in marble by Old World artisans in Staffordshire, England using a classic sculpture art technique.

They resemble the monumental originals on the Bridge of Lions in every way, including the Carrara marble they're made of and the inscriptions at the base.

They come in a charming size that will grace your mantle, coffee table or bookshelf just like the real ones adorn the bridge.

The lions are 5 1/2" L x 3 1/2" W x 6" H each and each weighs over 2.5 solid lbs.

They're equipped with tiny pads to protect your furniture. 

Buy with confidence. We're local to St. Augustine and we care about you. You have our 100% money back guarantee if returned for any reason within 30 days of receipt. We'll even pay your return shipping. That's how certain we are you'll love your lions! (Must be returned in same condition received and in same packaging. Contact me for free return shipping label.)

Quantities are limited. Order your lions now to avoid disappointment.

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St. Augustine loves its lions and in keeping with that spirit we took great pains to find the best statue-makers to do justice to the beautiful lions on the bridge. We found artisans from Staffordshire, England that practice a difficult and dying art of hand-casting and sculpting and supply artworks to some of the most prestigious European galleries and art museums.

It is no wonder then that each set of lions are hand-cast with utmost attention to detail. The lion molds themselves took over eight grueling months to be perfected then another two months for the lions to be completed. Each set of lions require one full day to hand-cast and only one set is cast each day from a single set of molds. It then takes another day to hand-finish the finer details on all the lions. Even the temperature and weather play an important role in the process. So when you hold these lions, you are not just holding replicas, but a piece of art and ancient history as unique as the lions on the Bridge.

Why Marble?

You will find that most statuettes today are made with resin or a composition of resin and some other material. This is why they yellow with age and exposure to daylight. 

The St. Augustine lion statuettes are special in every way. They are made of 90% genuine Carrara marble, the same marble the originals boast of. They contain zero resin, plastic or other inexpensive binders. The lions are crafted using a decades-old method used by artisans with high quality materials. Your lions will retain their majestic white marble look and feel to be cherished for generations. 

St. Augustine Loves Lions is a labor of love born out of pure admiration for the city of St. Augustine. Gail Kraker is the heart and mind behind the venture. When she, hubby Jeff, and their three coconut retrievers moved to the sunshine town in 2011, she fell in love with the lions on the bridge like many others. 

After a year of extensive searching for replicas for her home, Gail was disappointed to come up with naught. For three years she wondered why no one offered them and realized other St. Augustine lovers must be equally disappointed. She made it her mission to bring the first and only marble replicas to all who want the Ancient City’s majestic icons in their own homes.

It took a full year and was no easy task. Gail wanted the statuettes to be made of Carrara marble, just like the lions on the bridge. She looked into statue-makers for months and was unhappy with the quality of what she saw. She gave up. Then one day, on a lark, she made just one more search. To her surprise, she came up with the perfect statue-makers in Staffordshire, England. They make Carrara marble statues for some of the most prestigious galleries and art museums in Europe. 

She worked with the statue-makers for eight grueling months to make sure the statues are true replicas of the lions on the bridge, down to having the same inscription along their sides. It took three expensive iterations for the artisans to make the lions just the way Gail knew you would want them.

It took another two months to get the first order from the statue-makers. You see, each set of lions comes from a single set of molds and only one set of lions can be cast per day. The artisans then do the fine hand-sculpted details on the lions.

Two months after the first order arrived, the photos and website were completed and Gail was ready to bring you the Ancient City icons you’ve been searching for.

She hopes you’ll love the little lions as much as she does.


Guarantee/Returns - 100% money back guarantee if returned for any reason within 30 days of receipt. I'll even pay your return shipping.  Contact me at and I'll email you a pre-paid return shipping label with tracking and insurance. Just print it out and attach it to the package. Lions must be returned in same condition received and in the same packaging. 

Shipping: FREE shipping by U.S. Priority Mail within the U.S. Includes insurance and tracking. I ship only within the U.S. I personally inspect and carefully package your lions before shipping them. Your lions will ship the next business day after you place your order. Insurance does not cover packages from being stolen from outside your door. If you're worried about the package sitting outside while you're away, consider having it shipped to your workplace or to a friend or relative. If you live within reason of St. Augustine and want me to hand-deliver them, email me and we'll arrange a place to meet.

Gifts: Whether you buy for yourself or for someone else as a gift, your lions will be carefully packed inside a lovely branded box along with a nice professionally printed note telling about the lions. The branded box will look great just the way it is without any gift wrap needed. The box will then be carefully packed inside a US Priority Mail box for shipping. Another option is to get a PayPal Gift Certificate.                                                    


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