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Win a Set of Carrara Marble St. Augustine Lions Replicas

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Sweepstakes Winners!

~ On October 8, 2020, Bill B won a Set of Carrara Marble St. Augustine Lions Replicas. (1st place)

~ On October 8, 2020, Craig T won a St. Augustine Lion Christmas Ornament (2nd place)

~ On October 16, 2019, John & Gloria N won a Set of Carrara Marble St. Augustine Lions Replicas

~ On June 13, 2019, Elise K won a pair of Carrara Marble Chatsworth Sleeping Lions Bookends

All prizes include free shipping. We ship only within the continental U.S. Must reside in continental U.S. to qualify. Winners must agree to have your first name and first initial of your last name on our limited promotional material. 


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