The First and Only Marble Replicas
of the Lions on the Bridge 

The Story 
Cheryl and Daniel

Cheryl and Daniel love St. Augustine and want something in their home that symbolizes the city. They want something they can cherish for years to come and pass along to their loved ones as heirlooms. 

Cheryl and Daniel journey through St. Augustine countless days and nights and can’t find what they’re looking for.

Cheryl and Daniel are frustrated. It shouldn't be this hard to find something to symbolize a city as historical and beautiful as St. Augustine. They don't know if they have what it takes to find the symbol of the city, or to know it when they see it. Cheryl and Daniel are sad and disheartened. 

Two lions named Faithful and Firm tell Cheryl and Daniel “We were frustrated, sad and disheartened for the same reason for nearly a century and we feel your pain. We are the icons of St. Augustine and only recently have we found small replicas of ourselves. They're the only true replicas made of the same Carrara marble we are. Find the replicas and you’ll have what you’re looking for. Look to the internet.” 



Cheryl and Daniel ask, "But how will we know we've found the true replicas you tell us of?" 

Faithful and Firm say "You are a wise couple. You'll know them when you see them." 

Cheryl and Daniel search the internet for small replicas of the lions named Faithful and Firm who live on the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine.

Cheryl and Daniel find small replicas of Faithful and Firm at a webpage with the name St. Augustine Loves Lions. They can't find them anywhere else. Cheryl and Daniel know they've found the true replicas because they're made of Carrara marble and have the same inscription their guides, Faithful and Firm, have. 

Cheryl and Daniel are blissfully happy. They learned they have what it takes to find the symbol of the city. They have something in their home that shows their love for St. Augustine. They will cherish the lions for years to come and will leave them to their loved ones as heirlooms. Don't be sad like Cheryl and Daniel were by not having the only true symbols of St. Augustine in your home. Get your own replicas of Faithful and Firm before another century passes or they return to oblivion.



Hand Cast and Sculpted in Genuine Carrara Marble by Old World Artisans
Heirloom Quality
Made in Staffordshire, England
Each lion is 5 1/2" L x 3 1/2" W x 6" H with a solid weight of over 2.5 lbs each.
There are tiny pads on the bottoms to protect your furniture.


What Eric, Carmen and Ronnie Say About the Lions 

Eric "Finally something that is of high quality that reflects the beauty of My Town. These are true replicas. They even glisten in the sunlight! The pair looks better in person than the photos, just like a Saint Augustine sunrise. Better in person!!"

Carman "We are so pleased with our purchase of the statuettes of Fiel y Firme [Faithful and Firm] that flank the entrance of our town bridge. They have been so beautifully replicated in detail in the same marble used in the originals. We have been receiving compliments from all who have seen them in our home."

Ronnie "Wanted to take a moment to share with you how pleased I am with the Marble Lions. They're for a birthday gift to my wife. The quality of the carving and of the marble itself was far beyond my expectations. The recreation is exact to the originals, and I remain amazed at the craftsmanship. The Marble Lions will become an heirloom, as we plan to leave one to each of our daughters as a reminder of the joy we shared as a family in St. Augustine. A true work of art."



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