St. Augustine Marble Lion Replicas

Show Your Love for the City of St. Augustine
in Your Very Own Home

With Small Marble Replicas of the Lions on the Bridge, Faithful and Firm



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If you're like me, you love the City of St. Augustine. You know it's the most historically significant city in the nation, and that draws you to it time and again. Or you moved here to be immersed in its Old World history and charm. Or you're native to the area and feel deeply rooted.

Whatever your tie to St. Augustine, you'd adore something in your home to express your love for the Oldest City.

The lions on the bridge are the icons of the city. What better way to show your love for St. Augustine than authentic replicas of the lions in your very own home? 

After moving to St. Augustine in 2011, I spent a year searching for small replicas of the lions for my home and found only disappointment. After another three years of wondering why, I decided people who love St. Augustine deserve better. Now the replicas are here for you, my fellow St. Augustine lover. 

These lions are made of 90% Carrara marble and a high quality binder used by skilled Old World artisans with decades of experience. If you want something with an inexpensive resin binder or other plastic fillers that will yellow with time or exposure to sunlight, you'll need to look elsewhere. If you want high quality art in your home that will remain beautiful forever and you can pass along to loved ones, you've found the right place.

Sold only at this website and by the City of St. Augustine at the beautiful St. Augustine Visitors Center Gift Shop.

There are three easy steps to get your lions at this website:

                         1) Click on the below Get Your Lions button 

                         2) Order your lions

                         3) Receive your lions in the mail within two business days

Or to get your lions in person, go to the St. Augustine Visitors Center across from the trolley station on San Marcos Avenue. 904-825-1000.

Hurry, supply is limited and Christmas is just around the corner!


Each lion is  6" L 3 1/2" W x 6" H
With a solid marble weight of over 2.5 lbs each