Medici Lion Figurines

Medici Lion Statuettes 



Now you can own Medici lion figurines and bring the Ancient City into your home!

You will love your beautiful lions made of Carrara marble just like the statues on the bridge.

Your lions will have this inscription lightly imprinted along their bases:

P.DE.L. 1513 ST.AUGUSTINE  1924


The same inscription as on the lions on the bridge!

The little statuettes are cast in marble by skilled artisans in Staffordshire, England

Each lion is about 5 1/2" L x 3 1/2" W x 6" H and each weighs about 2 1/2 lbs
The lions are for indoor use only. Tiny pads on the bottoms of the lions will protect your furniture.
In hand your lion figurines will have the heft, feel and coolness of solid marble.
Your marble lions will not yellow with age as resin statuettes do. They will look as beautiful decades from now as the day they arrive at your door.
From inception to finding the right statue-makers, through three iterations to finally being able to offer them online took nearly a year.
Availability may be limited. The lions are made exclusively for St. Augustine Loves Lions. I order them in small lots of 25 sets with a potential months-long wait for re-orders. It takes a full day or longer for the artisans to hand cast the lions then hand-finish the small details and only one set is cast per day from a single set of molds.

Your Medici lion figurines come with my 14 day full money back guarantee.
They will ship within one business day of your order


Why Marble?

Most statuettes today are made of resin or a composite of resin and some other material. They yellow with age and exposure to daylight. Unlike the others, your Medici lion statuettes will be made of 90%
Carrara marble using a marble forming process used by artisans for decades. They will stand the test of
time. They'll be as beautiful fifty years from now as they are the day they arrive at your door. You will be able to cherish these lions and pass them down to loved ones to have and to hold for many years to come. Your lions come with my 14 day 100% money-back guarantee.




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