Marble Sleeping Lions Bookends

$ 179.00


Carrara Marble Sleeping Lions Bookends


A stunning set of white marble Chatsworth Sleeping Lions Bookends.

Imagine these beautiful bookends holding your favorite St. Augustine books. 

Made by the same Old World artisans using the same highest quality white Carrara marble the St. Augustine Lions Marble Replicas are made of and with the same great detail.

This marble is from Carrara, Italy and is the same marble Michelangelo used for many of his masterpieces, including the beautiful Pieta and statue of David.

The bookends are HEIRLOOM QUALITY. Picture your bookends being as beautiful decades from now as the day they arrive at your door. If you want high quality art in your home that will remain beautiful always and you can pass along to loved ones, you're in the right place.

Hold your bookends up to the sunlight to see how the marble sparkles. That's how you'll know your bookends are made of genuine Carrara marble! We have a special arrangement with the artisans to use only their finest quality pure white Carrara Marble without dark specks in it from marble veins. This quality is usually reserved for government projects only. 

Height: 5.9" tall. 

Base: 5.35"
Back to back the bookends are 13.8" long

Together, the bookends weigh nearly 10 lbs.


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Or we'll hand-deliver or meet you if you're within reason of St. Augustine. We typically need two hours notice.

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Gail Kraker


Guarantee - 100% money back guarantee if returned for any reason within 21 days of receipt. I'll pay your return shipping if you contact me first at Bookends must be returned in same condition received and in the same packaging. 

Shipping: FREE shipping. Allow 1 to 2 business days to arrive. I ship only within the U.S. Insurance does not cover packages that have been stolen from outside your door. If this is a concern, consider having the package shipped to your workplace or to a friend.

Gifts: Whether you buy for yourself or for someone else as a gift, your bookends will be carefully packed by me inside a lovely white box with the lion  on top. The box will look great just the way it is without any gift wrap. The box will then be carefully packed inside a shipping box.  

These care instructions are from the Old World artisans: 

No special care is needed, you can dust or clean as any other ornamental household object, they are very robust.

If they get very dirty, you can wash in soapy water. 

If you get a bad mark that will not remove with soapy water you can use a very fine abrasive paper to wipe it gently away. 

If you polish them, they’ll gradually generate their own patina with a slight sheen. Please don’t use any polish or anything on the cloth. All that’s needed is a soft, dry cloth. The harder or more often you polish them, the more they will sheen, just as natural marble does. (Not recommended if you like the way your lions sparkle in the sunlight - it will replace the sparkles with a sheen)