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City of St. Augustine

Get Small Marble Replicas of Faithful & Firm


Why You'll Love Your Little Lions

They're made especially for people like you who love the Old City.

Like the lions on the bridge, they're made of highest quality genuine Carrara marble from Carrara, Italy.

Michelangelo used Carrara marble in many of his masterpieces, including his beautiful Pieta and his statue of David.

They're heirloom quality.
Your lions will be as beautiful decades from now as the day they arrive at your door.

They resemble the lions on the bridge in every way, down to the inscriptions
along their sides to remind you of your love for St. Augustine.

They come in a charming size that will grace your mantle, coffee table or bookshelf
just like the real ones adorn the bridge.

The lions are hand cast then hand sculpted by Old World artisans in fine detail to give you
eye-catching decor and timeless art pieces for your home.

In hand, your lions will have the smoothness, weight and coolness of the solid marble they're made of,
giving you a true object of art for your home.

The lions are a timeless treasure for your own home or as a gift for another true blue St. Augustine lover.

Come equipped with tiny pads on the bottoms to protect your furniture

The lions on the Bridge of Lions, Faithful and Firm, are the icons of St. Augustine.
What better way to show your love for the city than with true replicas of the lions in your very own home?


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